Who Is This Crazy?

Hello there, dear reader. Have you come to this page because you, too, have asked the question “who is this crazy?” Fear not. The answers shall be revealed.

I am Christina E. Lupanow & I am the fool who blogs on this particular part of the interwebs.

I work in an office all day, but at night, I change into my true form – that of the writer.

Sometimes it feels as though I need to write more than I need blood to live. I will write just about anything. Novels, short stories, poetry, blogs, in a house, with a mouse… you name it, I’ll write it.

I live in the USA in a state of cold and snow.

I’m older than I’d care to admit, so don’t ask.

I have a cat. Her name is Cleocatra. Together, we live in a condo where I neglect regular household chores in order to write, read, & watch cartoons.

I’ve been blogging since 2002, mostly about myself, my boring life, and my terrifying imagination. I tend to write a lot about writing. This particular blog has only existed for about two seconds, so don’t expect sixteen years worth of content.

I also enjoy crocheting, playing the ukulele, wasting time, collecting pens, & naming inanimate objects.

My favorite things to read are fantasy, science fiction, & classics. I also write fantasy novels, which I think classifies me as quite the nerdy nerd.

I always wanted to go to Hogwarts and be sorted into Slytherin, but the truth is that I am a Hufflepuff. I have embraced the ways of the badger.

If you still have questions about who I am & what I do, you can email me at christina@quillsnkeys.com or you can contact me on any of the various social media platforms.

Lastly, as I think may be quite clear already, my favorite punctuation mark is the ampersand (&).